iPhone 9 Specs and Features will impress you

iPhone is a phone for which the whole world looks upto. With not many fortunate enough to own one, people usually end up buying cheaper android phones which look similar and have iPhone like specs. Many mobile phone companies do their best to make their phones purposely look similar to an iPhone and keep only a small difference to stay safe from the copyright infringement. Apple is not known for flowing in any great specs to their iPhones, they just are marketed in a way that by the user it is considered to be a status symbol. Today when all the technology is getting cheaper and more affordable, iPhone of today are getting harder to afford. Previous iPhone features were just an addition to the same old set but going with the rumors iPhone 9 specs are really going to make Apple stand out and compete with phone like Samsung Galaxy S9.

iPhone 9 specs

iPhone 9 specs will sport the A12 Chip which is supposed to be designed with the Nano technology that will increase the efficiency of the same phone with the same battery consumption to atleast 40%. With this change other companies like LG or Samsung might not be able to compete with the performance level of iPhone 9.

Other features in iPhone 9 like the retina scanner will also bring another world of possibilities for the application designers. Retina scanners basic functionality will be to unlock the phone with additional layer of security but the functionality will be further extended to things like navigating with the blink of the eye. This will be very new for the young fans since they love to have a new hardware and find it very interesting too.

Last but not the least, iPhone 9 open beautiful design while being the best waterproofing possible for a phone will surely bag another lot of fans which right now no option but to go with the Samsung Galaxy phones. Like every other feature when the waterproofing will come to iPhone it will be the best.