iPhone 9 Release Date is closer than you think

Hearing about the iPhone 8 rumors might make you think that the next Apple maestro the iPhone 9 release date is too far, but actually its not. Apple has recently talked about their investment in the robotic cars which further will bring more creative opportunities for iPhone 9 and its functionalities. Today iPhone has such processing capability that it actually can automate and respond to all kinds of automation that exists in the real world. Considering this vision of Apple, release date of iPhone 9 will surely be pushed before. iPhone 7 was launched on September 16, 2016 and it did change the notion of a normal user from iPhone just being beautiful to iPhone also being powerful. The next iPhone 7s will soon be released in October 2017. There are rumors that there won’t be an iPhone 8 and straight iPhone 9 will be released. Considering the rumor, iPhone 9 should be launched with the Car automation console around August 2018.

iphone 9 release date

With a few more inventions like the projection camera and retina scanner, the release of iPhone 9 release will be something that fans will really look towards. Apple usually doesn’t play much with the month of new iPhone launch. It usually ranges from August to September of the year. Whereas, other mobile phone brands like Samsung have their release months to be quite flexible and make it fit to the competition in the market.

The biggest competitor to Apple iPhone right now is the Samsung Galaxy S7 and by the time of iPhone 9 will be Galaxy S9. With the increasing popularity of Samsung, staying on top for Apple is not such an easy task. Other phone brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus and Oppo are another big challenges for the big players since these brands offer much cheaper phones with almost the quality and performance.

Besides all the competition that Apple face, its still at the top. iPhone 9 release in countries like US, UK and Canada will happen first and the phone will rolled to other countries later.






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