Apple iPhone 9: The phone you can dream about

The recent few developments from Apple for the iPhone series are quiet interesting, considering iPhone 7 and iPhone 6, however the magical power of what Cupertino Giant the Apple can do are still missing. And if we set an expectation for the real surprising development from the next generation Apple iPhone 9, we won’t be wrong. Yes, Apple is working on next generation hardware and testing which will definitely be very difficult for big brands like Samsung to face. Below is the more information for the Apple iPhone 9.

Apple iPhone 9

Apple iPhone 9 release date Sept. 2020?

Per the history of all iPhones released till date, iPhone 9 would release after the launch of iPhone 7S, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8S. However, considering the leaks over web Apple may cut S version of iPhones and can directly bring the flagship iPhone 9 in the month of Sept 2020.

There’s no official statement about the Apple iPhone 9 release date, so we should wait till iPhone 8 releases in the market. And, yes it is going to take pretty good time.

Apple iPhone 9 Specs & Features:

What had has happened with Galaxy Note 7 alerted all manufacturer. We won’t be surprised if there would be a standard in the market that may force all manufacturers to manufacturer only smartphone with removable battery. So, there are chances, iPhone 9 Plus might be the first Apple smartphone with removable battery, and on another hand, Samsung Galaxy S9 can also be one such flagship Android device to have a removable battery.

Talking about removable battery smartphones, yes designers have to compromise with the thickness. But for sure, the technology and new design techniques will help Apple Engineers to keep iPhone 9 thickness around 6 mm, and that is similar to what has been leaked for iPhone 8.

Apple A13 chip is going to be the heart of iPhone 9, and this chip would be manufactured at the best nm scale possible, which will make it more efficient than any other chip that would be available at the launch of Apple iPhone 9.

Other possible Apple iPhone 9 specs include 4GB RAM, full HD display of 4.7 inches. If we talk about water-proof characteristic, yes iPhone 9 will be water proof, however, you may not able to get the warranty for water damaged phone, because, similar trend is followed by other manufacturer in the market like Samsung.

In the recent past, the only manufacturer that could match or beat Apple is Samsung, but Apple is Apple. Apple fans will not go for Android, and new Apple iOS 13 will be the software front, which will indeed get best possible innovation.

Apple’s 7nm processing chip in next iPhone 9?

Apple iPhone 7 was the most craziest launch of Apple till date, because of no headphones jack and dual camera in Apple iPhone 7 was one of the newest innovation in the market. Apple fans indeed praised this, and on other side Android fans got a chance to tease Apple fans. Well, scarifying headphones jack for the sake of design and innovation isn’t very satisfying. Apple iPhone 9 might not follow the path of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, as it will come old school by carrying a headphone jack.

Considering the fact AirPods were too interesting, but expensive on other hand. There are several reviews that people lost their AirPods as they are one of those tiny things that you might lose easily. So, next generation AirPods 2 will definitely be very interesting, and Apple should come up with an innovation that will make our AirPods much safer, and you can expect the launch of next generation AirPods 2 to be released with the Apple iPhone 9 plus release date.

Talking about iPhone 9 features, the hero of all would be its heart chip. Yes, Apple is testing its next generation processor chip manufactured at 7NM scale, and it is promising to deliver better performance with lesser use of power. Which directly suggests, more battery life, Yay! So, let’s cross our fingers and wait for Apple iPhone 9 release date.

iPhone 9 Plus Conclusion

Talks about the next to next coming iPhone are always present in the market, and it isn’t a joke. Apple fan love exploring what they are going to get in future. And, excitement is not always bad. So let’s keep this gist and subscribe to us for receiving more updates for iPhone 9 price, iPhone 9 concept and other news. Cheers!

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